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Chief Scout – aka Nathan Amess, aka Nath, aka Amess, aka Scruff (etc etc) – has been working hard recruiting boys to fill the spare LMP seats (weird I know, we must have pretty much ALL the LMP1 drivers in the gayme right now…) but putting all this weirdness aside, I would like to introduce:

Stephen Kimmins – 30-ish from the UK. Been in iRacing since 2018, Kimbo is one of those ultra weird guys who not only drives LMP1 cars, but does it in VR! W E I R D!

Gilles Hubin – 18 from Belgium, drives a Citroen… ’nuff said. In fairness, Gilles has a respectable palmarès to his name including podiums at Petit Le Mans, Sebring 12hr and the 24hr of Le Mans.

Felix Nicol – 24 – claims he’s British, but is basically French…. After years of flight simulators before Uni took over Felix started in iRacing in 2019 in a proper class (GTE) before moving to the dark side of Prototypes in early 2020.

Jyri Glumov – 28 from Finland. He’s from Finland and runs an RX-8 on the track…. what more needs to be said. Actually, I also should mention that Jerry (as us non-foreign speaking folk like to call him) prefer’s GT cars to prototypes.

Jari Tallgren – 45 from Finland. Finnish drivers, their a bit like busses I guess…. except way faster. Oddly enough, I also like to call Jari Jerry the same as Jyri…. confused? Me too…. Another quick GT driver who also plays golf.

Also, the legend that is Craig Parkes recently returned to iRacing and quickly donned his TBR colours again. Craig can currently be found sat astride a T300 and shite pedals donating iRating in pretty much any series on any track, although an SRD rig, LC pedals and OSW are being installed as we speak! Along with Craig, serial team leaver Dan Lathan came home, promising to stay this time which is nice and in fact, Dan has signed up for his first team race, the Lemons 24 in June…. so its looking promising.

So yeah, there you go…. welcome (back) to the team boys. I hope your stay is long and pleasant, your skin is thick and that good things happen for you while you’re here.

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