6th April 2020



Nathan Amess


N/A (Get it!)

Year of birth:




Real car:

Suzuka Swift Sport (2015)


INTEL i7-8700, Nvidea GTX1070, Cooler Master Water Cooling


50″ 60hz TV


GT Omega RS9 Cockpit

Favourite car in iRacing:

Porsche 919 Hybrid

Other hobbies:


iRacing ambitions:

Compete at the highest level in LMP1 racing on iRacing. Win SCO.


From the age of around 9 or 10, started playing F1 games with the basic wheel/pedal bundle.
Spent over 2000 hours on F1 2012 alone. In 2016 made the move to iRacing, completely unaware of the potential.
Played around in Mazda before dropping iRacing until November of 2018. Then progressed to A license in a matter
of weeks, and finally reached my, then, goal of iLMS racing! Driving the LMP1 cars was so revoluntionary for me
and from then onwards, LMP1 has been mainly the only class I have driven, with spells of GTE and GT3 driving, but
none of them gave me the same feeling! A teammate and I managed P3 in 19S2 iELMS! After being rather inspired by Jimmy Broadbent, I managed to take part in my
first Le Mans 24HR in 2019, racing against him in split 3! That race really showed me how far I’d come, and
how much further I want to go.

To this day, I am motivated and driving towards racing with the likes of Mivano, Team Redline and Race Clutch drivers. Accomplishing this goal
would mean a ridiculous amount to me, so lets get racing!