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The Swedish National Championships were held live at ESEN Studio in Bromma Sweden.

We had Albin “Abbe Babbe” Spetz and Linus “Slagsta Glass” Granfors who qualified to race in the final race at the live event.

They both did good in the qualifying heats and made it into the final race. Albin starting from P12 on the grid and Linus from P10 they started their way up the field as the race went on.

Linus managed to drive his way all the way up to a REALLY IMPRESSIVE P3 in the final race (but due to a penalty for a contact he got penalised with -30 points) which put him P13 in the championship.
Albin had an unfortunate spin in the race but managed to drive his way back up to a REALLY IMPRESSIVE P5! He finished P12 in the championship.

Keep in mind that both Linus managed P13 in the championship with only 3 out of 5 races done and Albin managed P12 with 4 out of 5 races.

We are really proud of these Little Finks and hopefully it won’t collide with the karting season next year so we can put on a full grid of the Little Finks.

We would also like go congratulate Carl Jansson for his 1st place in the championship. Totally breathtaking performance and driving all day and all season. Hats off to Carl.

Also a HUGE congrats to former Little Finks driver Alxander Spetz who won the final race and finished 2nd in the championship. We miss you in Little Finks.

LINK –> The final races can be watched here <– LINK

LINK –> The final results can be downloaded here <– LINK


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