TBR are still alive….

Ive had a few people ask me “huh, so are TBR still a thing?” and the the resounding answer is “YES, we’re still a thing”

Perhaps not the ever present force that we used to be, where you pretty much couldn’t enter a race without there being at least one TBR car, or the nights of “TBR Takeover” where 6 or 7 of us would join a race (usually ending in disaster it has to be said) but we are still here, and still loving our racing.

Weve had at least one car in all the iRacing special events so far this year and actually had 2 TBR cars in Saturday evenings iELMS race at Monza, with Joris Thielen and new boy Nathan Amess in TBR Red, and  Nik Hedberg paired with other new boy Darryl Sutherland in TBR Yellow. Both cars made the 2nd split with Nathan and Joris coming out 2nd, and Nik and Darryl in 12th.

Plans are afoot to run more iELMS races as well as the remainder of the Special Events on the 2020 calendar.

Credit to Nathan Amess for the images.

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