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Pink Week

Week 12 of 2019 will forever be known in Team Buscfink Racing’s history as “Pink Week”, the week when we saw some of our finest wheelers decide to leave the team and pursue a different path. This comes on top of the departure of three of our long-standing Board Members earlier in the month, and has obviously caused some turmoil within the team.

Whilst the initial shock wave within the remaining 327-ish members of the squad was difficult to bear, we have taken the opportunity to restructure the management team as well as creating new leadership roles for driver development, endurance planning and GTE Pro.

We will miss the talent and experience of all the guys massively, but mostly we will miss the camaraderie and fun that they all brought to the team. We wish them all the very best of luck in the future with whatever they choose to do next and I have no doubt we will be swapping virtual paint with them all on track soon.

So farewell to Ben “Wheels” Warren, Fraser “Maer baws then Brens” Williamson, Mike “Sleepy” Davis, Scott “Mr Pink” Brazier, Baz “King of the RSR” Morrison, Lewis “Mazda Killer” Goodway and Teemu “Hell Yeah” Toikka.

We wish you well boys, good luck.

Oh, and James… he left too ;o) (love you James)

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