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AOR GTE League – Rnd 6 Nurburgring GP

Tuesday 7th August 2018 will always be remembered (by a very few people at least) as the Apex Online Racing Leagues round 6 of Season 3 at the Nurburgring GP Circuit.
It will also be remembered as a day of “what if’s” for Team Buschfink Racing. Lets find out why…

With 5 drivers of the 17 that turned up being TBR guys (Jocke & Andreas running the Ferrari 488 GTE while Magnus, Ronnie and Ben all chose the newer Porsche 911 RSR.) the chances of a decent result were statistically pretty good.

Qualifying went OK. Andreas was at the top of the TBR pile in 4th, Magnus 5th, Jocke 6th. Ronnie and Ben would have preferred to be a little higher than 9th and 11th respectively, but with 80 minutes around the Nurbs GP circuit, both drivers would have time to claw a few places back.
Championship Leader Jason Dyer was a no-show for this round, so Christopher Holstein (winner of the last 2 rounds) would be looking for a good result to take the lead in the overall.

At the start Andreas slightly mis-timed his jump and passed the 3rd place car of Phil Reid a little too soon, meaning he would be black flagged for a Stop & Go. Choosing to take the penalty straight away would drop Andreas down to 17th & last position.
Andreas’s mistake would elevate both Magnus and Jocke by a position (in fact, it would elevate pretty much the whole field by 1 position!) meaning they would now be running 4th & 5th respectivley. These positions would be maintained until lap 11 when Jocke would squeeze past Magnus in to T1. Jocke would maintain this position until the end of the race (pit stop cycle aside) finishing in an excellent 4th place.
Sadly, lap 14 would see Magnus lose vision on his Rift causing him to go offtrack and require a tow back to the pits. However, with the championship in mind (and once his Rift had decided it wanted to play again…) he continued the race to finish an eventual 12th.

Further down the field, Ben and Ronnies races werent going quite to plan. Ronnie had made a place up early on but would crash out and retire on lap 6. Ben on the other hand had made decent progress to climb up to 6th place, although after the pit cycles this would come out as p10. Unfortunately, this had been at the expense of some car contact early on and quite a few off-track penalties, penalties which would eventually see Ben disqualified on lap 39.

Meanwhile, Andreas was steadily climbing his way back through the field. Placed 7th at half distance and 3rd at the end of the pit-stop cycle, Andreas would finish a highly creditable 5th after his scheduled pit-stop just 8 seconds behind Jocke.

With the Championship standings updated we can see that Andreas is the highest placed TBR driver in 5th place, just 3 points behind 3rd overall. Magnus sits in 7th, another 4 points behind Andreas with Ben the next best in 12th. Jocke in 14th and Ronnie down in 30th, positions which dont reflect their abilities at all.

With 2 rounds left at Le Mans and Interlagos, there is still time for the guys to move up the table, although with Le Mans being seen as a Porsche OP track, we could see a switching of position between Andreas and Magnus up toward the top of the table.

Results can be found HERE

Standings are HERE

You can view the race from Jocke perspective HERE (Why not drop him a like and a sub while your watching)


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