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In just a few hours time we will be competing in the second of the special events that SCO are hosting, The Road America 500.

This race will see the usual suspects of the C7DP and GT3 classes in battle but with the addition of the Porsche 911 Cup Car as the slowest class.

The race will start at roughly 14:30 GMT for 124 laps of Road America.

There will be 3 TBR cars entering the race. Two Daytona Prototypes and one GT3.

The two C7DPs are TBR Yellow with Joris Thielen and Ben Perez at the wheel with the other C7DP being the TBR Powered by Kræg Dok car that will be driven by Fraser Williamson and Lewis Goodway. Both cars will be looking to stay clean and see what result can be had at the end of a tough race.

The GT3 is the trusted Mercedes AMG GT3 that we are used to driving. Fillip Mitrevski and Vincenzo Amico will be driving the TBR Green car and will be looking for a good competitive race and a solid finish as well.

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