9th April 2020



Darryl Sutherland



Year of birth:




Real car:

Ford Focus ST(2014)
Ford Mustang GT(1989)


I7 8700k, GTX 1080, 16gb RAM, 256gb SSD, 2TB HDD


Triple screens with a 4th Ultrawide monitor up top for Kapps, Discord, Afterburner, etc.


Homemade wood rig. Logitech G920 modded with MVH Studios F1 Rim and CSL Elite LC pedals

Favourite car in iRacing:

GT cars in general.

Other hobbies:

General gaming, woodworking, working out

iRacing ambitions:

Just to have fast, clean, and fair races. Also to represent TBR well on track and be a good teammate.


First racing games I ever played were Top Gear and Nigel Mansell’s F1 challenge on Super Nintendo.

Went on to play NR2003 and Motor City Online from 2002 to 2004.

Also played the EA Nascar games from 2003 to 2009 along with Gran Turismo 3, 4, and 5 between the ps2 and ps3.

Then came 2011 and the GT Academy in the US. I thought entering that competition would be cool even though I’d probably get demolished but thought I’d give a go. I had GT5 and a G25 wheel
so I was set. Started off making it past the 1st round with not too much issue. Then starting the 2nd round my ps3 got fried(was one of the original ps3’s that had heating issues). I was
super bummed. Told my wife, “Well, I think I’m done with the competition because I don’t feel like buying a new ps3 right now.” That night when I got home from work there was a brand new
ps3 waiting for me that my wife had bought. I couldn’t believe it. Best wife ever. So after that, I kept making rounds and was still around for the final round where it goes from 64 racers
to the final 32 racers. I remember that last night because I was number 32 at the cutoff time but didn’t know if the leaderboards were updated. The next day got confirmation that I was
number 32 for the national finals. I was sent to Orlando Florida on Sony/Nissan’s dime for 4 days. Had a bunch of Sony/Nissan swag in the room for me when I got there and met 31 other
awesome guys from the GT community. I didn’t do very well there and didn’t make the final 16 to Silverstone, but it was probably one of the most incredible things I’ve been a part of.

From there, I learned of iRacing from some of the guys I met at the competition. So in June of 2011 I subbed to iRacing and have been subbed ever since.

Also enjoy some occasional ACC and Codemaster’s F1 games. Play some other non racing games as well like Assassins Creed series, The Division Series, Planet Coaster, The Witcher Series and
some other odd/end games.