15th October 2018



Phil Bedford


Pill, PeeBeds

Year of birth:




Real car:

Mercedes A180 AMG (2017), Volvo XC60SE (2014)


i5 7600k, ASUS ROG Strix Z270F, GTX1060




Thrustmaster T500rs with Fanatec CSR Elite pedals on a home made timber “Ghetto” rig

Favourite car in iRacing:

Aston Martin GT1

Other hobbies:

Cycling and a bit of motorsport

iRacing ambitions:

Just to improve and be consistent really, but mostly to leave people with a positive impression about Team Buschfink.


Started playing computer games wayyyyyy back with the original Atari console, playing defender. Got a Spectrum 16, then moved on to a Commadore 64 and started playing racing games. Skip forward a couple of decades to my first proper console, a PS1, playing Gran Tourismo.

Skip forward a few more years (2005ish) and Im running a small PC hardware review website with a few friends and I get sent a Logitech Formula GP wheel and pedals to review, finally I can start racing properly with GTR from Simbin. GTR2 is when I joined the UKGTR league and started properly racing online, but children and racing Radio Controlled 1/8th scale buggies at a decent level put paid to my sim racing.

8 years later and Im working away from home on a rotational basis, so my PC comes with me and I discover iRacing (2013). Never really taking things too seriously I have a habit of jumping in to races with no practice, hence why my IR has never been any higher than 2.5k (plus Im a bit shit…) Dragged kicking and screaming to meet the TBR boys by then board member Craig Parkes, I find a bunch of blokes who are of a very similar disposition to myself, we bitch and moan all the time, but thats what a family does…. and Ive never wanted to leave!