26th November 2020



Jacob Worden


Jake, Starsky, Fox, Gaijin

Year of birth:




Real car:

Volkswagen MK7 GTI (2016)


i7-9700k, ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming
GPU: RTX 2080 Super


2 BenQ xl2411, Oculus Rift CV1


Logitech G920
Pedals: Logitech G920

Favourite car in iRacing:

Dallara P217

Other hobbies:

Mountain Biking, Dirtbikes, Wakeboarding/surfing, Gaming

iRacing ambitions:

Go fast and race clean


I have been gaming since I was a little kid, playing games like mario kart on my N64 and Tony Hawk on the SEGA. My first personal console was the PS3 which
my dad and I set up a play seat with an old GT wheel to play GT. Moved onto PC gaming around my freshman year in highschool where I played a lot of CSGO and
other games. Durring my senior year I saved up money from work to get a logitech g920, oculus rift, and a next level racing stand. I have been playing iRacing
consistantly since late January of 2020 and love it.

I grew up in the world of action sports and motorsports. I am told that my first word was racecar and that I was learning the numbers on the racecars and dirtbikes
before I learned how to really talk. When I was 5 years old I got my first go-kart which I used to go to the track with my dad with from time to time. The first time
I went out I was doing donuts in the parking lot until my dad had to stop me. We did not do a lot of racing, more of a hobby besides a couple endurance races at Cal
Speedway and other tracks like that when I was old enough to race with the adults. I also grew up racing and riding dirtbikes where I raced 50s and 65s before a scary
neck injury scared me away from racing and I went on to just enjoy riding in the dessert. Nowadays I live on Lake Travis in Austin near COTA where I spend time
wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and riding my Mountain Bike at Spider Mountain. I also got to see F1 for the first time in my life last year as Lewis Hamilton captured his
6th championship. I basically go to every event there now. Finally I grew up going to the Long Beach GP every year where I really grew to love open wheel racing.

I am currently a college student pursuing my degree in Computer Science. I plan to work in the car industry programming the electronics in todays cars. My dream job
would be to be a Software Engineer in F1 where I would be working on all the programs they use on race weekends and on the simulator at the factory. Being close to
COTA I hope to pursue this once I graduate starting with small teams and working my way up.