8th June 2020



Felix Nicol


I’m “Frenchie” to the Brits, and “ze English” to the French (I can’t win)

Year of birth:



UK (nowadays)/France (for 17 years)

Real car:

Ford Fiesta


R5 3600X, GTX1660 Super, 16GB RAM


Valve Index VR


T300 desk clamped, Fanatec CSL LC not clamped, and a dining chair

Favourite car in iRacing:

Porsche 919 Hybrid

Other hobbies:

Flying, swimming, waterpolo, surfing, cycling, hiking

iRacing ambitions:

Reach the highest levels on iRacing in LMP1, win LM24, take part in SCO, but mainly have fun doing it


My history starts with flight sims rather than racing sims. I convinced my parents at age 12 to buy me some flight controls, and I soon discovered they could (barely) double up as a wheel and pedals. 90 degrees lock-to-lock, absolutely no force feedback, and almost no pedal travel. However, it was enough for me to catch the bug: I started with LFS, then the F1 games, Race 07 and even a very short stint on iRacing.

University and work sadly got in the way, but after a break of 10 years I came back to iRacing in June 2019 when I even treated myself to my first ever set of wheel and pedals! I quickly targeted the iLMS series, I was so excited to try out the multiclass racing that I enjoy watching in the WEC. I started in the GTEs and I stayed there until January 2020 when I finally made the switch to LMP1. I instantly fell in love with the car: the downforce, the hybrid boost, and the action you get lapping cars while still fighting for your own race is incredible.

Joining my first team was an eye-opener to the fun that team racing can add, and I hope to be to be a part of TBR for a while yet!