AOR GTE League. Season 4. Rnd2 Road America

Last night was round 2 of Season 4 of the AOR GTE held at everybody’s favourite, Road America. After last seasons success, the only drivers taking part this season are Ben “Wheels” Warren driving in the Pro/Am category (sandbag….) and myself Phil “Old, slow and shit” Bedford in the AM category (totally where I should be)

Quali went OK with Ben grabbing 8th and me a further 5 places back in 13th, however with 80 minutes of racing ahead, plenty could (and probably would) change. Ben’s race, by his own admittance, was pretty hectic. Locked in a race long battle with Soren Kruse, Evan Imray and Jukka Suominen the four would switch places throughout the entire race, with Jukka finally coming out in front of the group in 3rd with Ben in 4th.

By comparison, my own race was pretty pedestrian, only really excited by a self-induced spin at T1 about 18 laps in while 15s ahead of the next AM driver Andrew Browne. After following Andrew for a couple of laps I decide to pit, but was horrified when the pit cycle completed to have lost 9 seconds to Andrew… however all became clear when I next passed the pits to see him back in there. Turns out he had misjudged the pit line and just sped on through….

Rest of my race was just a solo effort, didn’t see any other cars really and just managed the gap to the guy behind coming in for 12th overall, and taking the win for the AM cup.

So overall, Ben’s great result moves him up to 8th (after a DNF at Rnd1) and me DOWN to 17th :o( However, Im leading the AM cup with 2 wins and a 23 point lead over Jake Towns. In the Team Champs, TBR are running in 3rd, so not a bad day out really.


Results are here

View from Soren Kruse is here: (follow Soren for extra cookies)

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