TBR have a really busy week with some races already complete!

Monday featured 4 drivers in the World GT Championship, with James and Fraser driving Audi R8 GT3s and Ben Warren and Phil driving Mercedes AMG GT3s. 3 20 minute sprint races led to an awful lot of action, with the best result for our drivers being a 5th place in the 2nd race for James. Nearly 60 cars at the beginning of the season led to many incidents, which we never seemed to be too far from unfortunately.

Fraser competed in the SOF Broadcast race for the Spec Racer Ford series from Road Atlanta and finished 7th. He spent most of the race running at the front of the field but was involved in an incident on the final lap.

The SCO 10 Hours of Suzuka had one car driven by Scott, Baz, Jeff and Alex, and they scored a great 5th position in the TBR Pink Audi R8 GT3!

James also competed in the SOR V8 Super Trucks series, which had it’s first round at Interlagos, he also scored a 5th place but was involved in an unfortunate last lap incident which cost our good friends Torque Freak Racing a great finish as well.

Sunday will have the Majors Series Daytona 500, with James and Teemu driving Monster Energy Cup cars. They may not all make it into the broadcast though as it is very well attended with 90 or so entries for the European Splits!

Fraser will wheel out his Spec Racer again as well for the Weekend Warriors broadcast, which will also be held at Road Atlanta. Hopefully he can score a good result in contrast to Friday!

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